EPA Plans Release of ENERGY STAR 1-100 Score for Multifamily Properties

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers the ENERGY STAR® 1-100 score, which allows buildings to compare actual energy performance to similar buildings nationwide. The score assigns a number to each property, building, or site, to indicate how its energy use compares against others in the same category. In the commercial sector, the score has proven to enhance a building’s desirability, bringing attention to the site for its achievement and resulting in improved occupant retention.

Up to now, ENERGY STAR made this score available over 30 building types, but did not offer a solution for the multifamily sector. On December 4th, 2013, the EPA hosted a much anticipated presentation on the development of the score for the multifamily sector. To inform the score, lender Fannie Mae conducted 1163 surveys with multifamily property owners nationwide, and gathered energy use and building type data. The EPA used this information to build a foundation from which to gauge energy use across a spectrum of multifamily properties. Although not yet announced, the EPA is well-positioned to release a multifamily score mid-2014. So how does your building fit into this spectrum? Take our advice and make it your New Year’s resolution to benchmark your portfolio this month! You will not regret getting a head start.

Visit the ENERGY STAR website for more information on benchmarking and the ENERGY STAR 1-100 score.

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