Windows and Appliances Top the List for Energy Efficiency Upgrades in 2015

With the goal of improving energy efficiency and increasing resident comfort, San Diego multifamily owners are taking advantage of incentives available through SDG&E’s Energy Upgrade California® Multifamily Program to offset renovation costs and maximize existing budgets. Many upgrades qualify (detailed in the word cloud above) for incentives, but windows and energy-efficient appliances have been included in every project completed so far this year. HVAC systems were included in two thirds of those projects.

Past participants in the Multifamily Program share the benefits they have witnessed first-hand.

Grand Villa ApartmentsOlder properties with aluminum frame windows are good candidates for the Multifamily Program.  Single-pane windows are extremely inefficient, allowing in excessive heat and drafts. At Grand Villa Apartments in Escondido, residents often complained about excessive noise and drafts from their single-pane, metal-framed windows. After a property upgrade, Debbie Splinter, regional manager for R.A. Snyder reports, “We knew things like new AC units and appliances would result in utility savings for our residents, but we were truly amazed by the huge difference the new vinyl, low-e windows immediately made in the comfort level.”

Outdated appliances use a lot of energy. When updating the Los Robles Apartments in Vista with new ENERGY STAR® appliances, Sylvia Martinez, Senior Project Manager for Community HousingWorks, credits the Multifamily Program with a “win-win” for quality and utility savings. Residents enjoy the updated refrigerators and dishwashers and are grateful for the savings on their monthly utilities.

Replacing an HVAC system is a major investment, but experienced property owners and managers plan for in advance. Tasked with the rehab of Congregational Tower, originally built in the mid-1970s, project manager Andres Diaz indicates their new air conditioning and heating system has exceeded their expectation of simply lowering energy usage with reduced maintenance costs as well.  He goes on to state the incentives provided by the Multifamily Program allowed him to install energy upgrades that may not have been implemented otherwise.

If you have a property slated for improvement or renovation, it is never too early to start the conversation! Join the San Diego multifamily owners who have already taken advantage of these incentives to expand their scope of work to include energy efficiency upgrade measures, increase their property’s value, lower their resident’s utility costs, and reduce unwanted vacancies.

For more information or to qualify your property, contact TRC Energy Services, SDG&E’s authorized program implementer at 866-352-7457 or at

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