Open House: Energy Upgrade California Multifamily Incentives in Action

In 2014, SDG&E selected Grand Villa Apartments, located in Escondido (where high temperatures are common), to become a demonstration property showcasing energy efficiency upgrade measures. SDG&E invested $70,000 into the 41-unit community to assess, model, and install upgrade measures designed to reduce energy usage by at least 10 percent. The community now serves as a real-world example of how the upgrade measures available through their Energy Upgrade California Multifamily program—can further improve resident comfort, decrease energy expenses, and reduce costly turnovers and vacancies at multifamily properties.

Grand Villa Apartments
1960 Grand Ave, Escondido CA 92027
Thursday, October 22, 2015 • 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
RSVP: 866-352-7457 or

The Back Story

“Energy efficiency was something I’d heard discussed at various industry workshops and I understood there were potential savings for our owners,” says Debbie Splinter, regional manager for R.A. Snyder Properties. She went on to explain tight budgets and other pressing priorities always pushed those conversations to the back burner. That changed when Perry Tempel, the new owner of Grand Villa Apartments, hired R.A. Snyder Properties to manage the property and implement a complete remodel. According to Debbie, “Perry had a vision to turn this neglected community around and provide the residents with a home they could be proud to live in and still afford. He already knew he wanted to invest in the most energy-efficient equipment and appliances possible.”

Debbie learned about SDG&E’s search for a demonstration property through the San Diego County Apartment Association and submitted an application. The planned renovation and Perry’s vision proved to be the winning combination; SDG&E selected Grand Villa Apartments to be the Multifamily Energy Efficient Community Project from a list of potential multifamily communities across the county. Melissa Buckley of TRC Energy Services explains, “Multifamily properties going through a life-cycle maintenance event such as a scheduled roof replacement or AC replacement are good candidates to expand their scope of work to include energy efficiency upgrades.” TRC Energy Services implements the Multifamily Energy Efficiency Rebate program and Energy Upgrade California Multifamily program on behalf of SDG&E.

newwindows_baOnce the raters at Benningfield Group completed their full energy assessment of the property and provided specific recommendations for each measure, Debbie and Perry adjusted their over-all remodel strategy and to really maximize their budget. They have replaced outdoor lighting with high efficacy pin-based fixtures. They upgraded the existing pool pump to a variable speed pump. The domestic hot water system received new demand controls. Units received new wall AC units and energy efficient refrigerators and dishwashers. “This has been an eye-opening experience,” exclaims Debbie. “I have learned a lot about EER ratings and U-Factors! We knew things like new AC units and appliances would result in long-term monthly utility savings for our residents, but we were all truly amazed by the huge difference the new vinyl, low-e windows immediately made in the comfort level.” Debbie encourages her colleagues and other property managers to take the time to evaluate their properties through SDG&E’s retrofit programs.

Come get a first-hand look at the difference these energy efficiency upgrades have made at Grand Villa apartments.  RSVP: 866-352-7457 or

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