Make the Most of Your Energy Efficiency Investment Through Proper Operations and Maintenance

Making energy efficient upgrades to your property is the first step to saving energy, but without educating building maintenance staff and residents on proper equipment usage, maintenance and operation, only a portion of the potential energy savings will be realized. It is essential to remember that people use energy, not buildings. Training operations and maintenance (O&M) staff and tenants on proper equipment use and everyday savings techniques can maximize energy savings so that you get the most out of your energy efficiency investment. Complete and up-to date building operations and maintenance manuals are an important resource for managers to streamline the training process for maintenance staff to properly operate and maintain equipment for the highest efficiency. Properly engaging maintenance staff through education, training, and policy implementation will lengthen the life of building systems and significantly increase the energy efficiency of your building.

Five tips for assuring buildings operate efficiently:

  1. Train O&M staff in the function, operation, and repair of each building service system.
  2. Keep all manufacturers’ instructions and manuals in a location easily accessible to maintenance staff.
  3. Be sure O&M staff are in touch with residents and understand their daily needs.
  4. Keep record log of all checks and procedures.
  5. Offer feedback on building performance and hold maintenance staff accountable.

For additional resources on operations and maintenance:


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