Performance Benchmarking Just Got Easier!

When Governor Brown signed AB802 in October 2015, California became the first state in the nation with a requirement to make energy data more accessible to multifamily property owners for benchmarking purposes. AB802 changes the requirements for utilities when releasing building performance data to multifamily property owners and managers. Previously, a release had to be obtained from the resident associated with each individual meter. For buildings with 5 or more meters, AB802 now allows owners and managers to request whole building data directly from their utility company without having to contact residents.

As these new requirements roll out in early 2017 and the obstacle of obtaining resident consent is removed, expect performance benchmarking and ENERGY STAR® certification to be a hot topics. Benchmarking provides a high-level summary of a building’s energy performance. This assessment of your property’s current performance is an ideal start to managing energy use and planning a potential retrofit. The Environmental Protection Agency’s free online energy management tool, Portfolio Manager, gives owners the ability to enter energy bills and compare performance against other similar properties. If you have 12 months of whole-property data and more than 20 units, you can also receive a 1-100 ENERGY STAR score.

Are you ready to get your property prepared for the future and reap the rewards of energy efficiency with lower operational costs, higher resident satisfaction and increased property values? To learn how the Energy Upgrade California Multifamily program can benefit both you and your residents please call: 1-866-352-7457 or email:

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