Three Ways Property Owners Can Reduce Energy Use and Costs

Here are three ways for property owners, managers, and residents to save energy, lower utility costs, and reduce greenhouse gases.

Strategy #1: Energy Upgrades
Installing energy upgrade measures to an existing property, especially one built prior to 1980, can yield significant savings.

  • In San Diego’s climate zones, cool roofs and double-pane vinyl windows help lower heat gain and reduce the need for energy.
  • Building systems like HVAC and Domestic Hot Water are opportunities to take advantage of the latest technology.
  • Energy efficient appliances help residents lower their own monthly expenses.

Incentives available through Energy Upgrade California Multifamily program can help extend a renovation budget to include these types of measures.
Call 866-352-7457 to determine if your property qualifies for these funds.

Strategy #2: Proper Operations and Maintenance
Once you’ve made an investment in energy efficiency upgrades, training operations and maintenance (O&M) staff and residents on proper equipment use and everyday savings techniques will maximize your overall energy savings.

  • Complete and up-to date building operations and maintenance manuals are an important resource for managers to streamline the training process for maintenance staff to properly operate and maintain equipment for the highest efficiency. Properly engaging maintenance staff through education, training, and policy implementation will lengthen the life of building systems and significantly increase the energy efficiency of your building.

Click for five tips to ensure your building is operating efficiently.

Strategy #3 – Encourage Resident Conservation
Buildings don’t use energy — people do! Maximum savings can be realized when the property owner and residents work together to conserve energy

  • Simple communication and encouragement will go a long way towards raising awareness and participation. Include conservation tips in your resident newsletter, post fliers around common areas and host regular events.
  • Create a friendly competition and award a gift card to the resident who submits the lowest utility bill! Click for more energy efficiency tips to share with your residents.

Forward-thinking property owners and managers are already reaping the rewards of energy efficiency with lower operational costs, higher resident satisfaction and increased property values.

To learn how the Energy Upgrade California Multifamily program can benefit both you and your residents, contact Nicole Beaulieu at 916-844-0084 or via email at

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