EUC MF Releases First Video Case Study

For each of the residential communities that participate in the Energy Upgrade California (EUC) Multifamily program, the program highlights their energy savings in a 1-2 page case study. Using the information provided by the project team, an overview of the installed energy upgrades is compiled, including the energy and cost savings. These case studies help property managers decide on their energy efficiency upgrades and are currently housed on the program website.

But that approach felt a bit dated! Expanding the case study’s positive impact with technology, the program team has launched a video version of case studies. In our first video case study SDG&E and Energy Upgrade California Multifamily congratulate MG Properties and its apartment community, Stonewood Gardens, on their recent energy efficiency retrofit. This short video highlights the upgrades made and how both the property owner’s bottom line and the residents’ comfort and safety have been measurably improved.

Energy efficiency features differentiate properties. These cost-savings measures appeal to prospective and existing residents who demand green products, services, and housing. According to Cheryl LaCombe, EUC Multifamily project manager, “Knowing that many prospective renters now conduct extensive online research, select and lease their new home sight unseen, our goal is to give EUC Multifamily certified properties a marketing advantage with professionally prepared video content they can easily share on their existing online and social media platforms.” When shared on social media platforms and distributed electronically, this new video format provides property managers with the tool to highlight the valuable improvements with other professionals and serve to attract prospective residents.

MG Properties used Incentive funds from the Energy Upgrade California Multifamily program to maximize their planned renovation budget and expand their scope of work to include energy efficiency upgrades. These limited funds available on a first-come, first served basis for qualified properties — now is the time to call if you are planning any type of renovation or remodel in the coming year. To learn more or pre-qualify your property please call: 1-866-352-7457 or email:

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