Case Study: Grand Villa Apartments

Property Profile2014-10-21 11.49.57
Location: 1960 Grand Avenue, Escondido CA 92027
Building/Units/Stories: 6/41/2
Year Built: 1978
Energy Upgrade Program: Multifamily Energy Efficient Community Project 
Owner/Developer: Perry Tempel
Project Team: Debbie Splinter, R.A. Snyder Properties, Jeremy Silva, Benningfield Group, George Alexander, RHA, Inc., TRC Energy Services

Savings Snapshot
Total Upgrades Cost: $105,722  
Project Award: $70,000 (from SDG&E)
Percent Improvement: 22%

Project Description
Built in 1978, Grand Villa Apartments is a 41-unit, garden-style apartment community located in Escondido, where high temperatures are common in the summer months. When purchased by Perry Tempel in late 2013, the market-rate property was in disrepair and most of the units had old and inefficient appliances.  R.A. Snyder Properties was selected to handle the management and an extensive renovation of the community with clear direction from the owner to help the residents lower their utility expenses while increasing the property’s value.

“We knew things like new AC units and appliances would result in long-term monthly utility savings for our residents, but we were all truly amazed by the huge difference the new vinyl, low-e windows immediately made in the comfort level.”

— Debbie Splinter
Regional Manager, 
R.A. Snyder Properties

Energy Upgrade Description
The scope of work at Grand Villa Apartments included replacing outdoor lighting with high efficacy pin-based fixtures, upgrading the existing pool pump with a variable speed pump, installing demand controls on the domestic hot water system, installing new vinyl low-e windows, and replacing AC units. In addition, the apartments received upgraded energy efficient dishwashers and refrigerators, along with new electric resistance heaters. These energy upgrades were incorporated into a larger overall property renovation plan.

Benefits of Multifamily Home Upgrades
Overall energy use was reduced by an estimated 22 percent resulting in major energy cost savings, especially during peak summer months. The new appliances and A/C units along with the variable speed pool pump and domestic water controls resulted in improved resident comfort, reduced electricity and natural gas costs for both the residents and the building owner. The new windows provide improved noise levels and reduced heat gains from the old windows.

Multifamily Energy Efficient Community Project
SDG&E selected Grand Villa Apartments to be the Multifamily Energy Efficient Community Project and serve as a showcase of energy efficiency upgrade measures. SDG&E invested $70,000 into the 41-unit community to assess, model, and install upgrade measures designed to reduce energy usage by at least 10 percent from existing conditions. The savings are based on building energy simulation. The community now serves as a real-world example of how the upgrade measures available through SDG&E’s multifamily retrofit offering, the Energy Upgrade California Multifamily program, can further improve resident comfort, decrease energy expenses, and reduce costly turnovers and vacancies at multifamily properties


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