EUC MF Report Card: Average Savings


The EUC MF program saves on average 1,039 kWh and 22 Therms per unit. A small impact alone, but together with all projects and other energy efficiency programs, these savings are essential to achieving California’s greenhouse gas reduction goals.

What are California’s GHG reduction goals?
California has set ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals in order to lessen impacts of climate change and reduce air pollution statewide. The long-term goal is to reduce GHG emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.

Why has California set these goals?
The generation of electric power produces more pollution than any other single industry in the United States. Reducing energy use statewide decreases demand on the grid, resulting in fewer GHG emissions and pollutants emitted through power generation.

How will we reach these goals?
Achieving these reductions is accomplished through programs to increase energy efficiency, increase the use and development of renewables, reduce the use of petroleum and develop cleaner fuels. The governor recently called for doubling the efficiency of existing buildings by 2030, as they account for more than 40 percent of the energy used in California. Encouraging property owners to make energy efficient upgrades is essential to achieve this commitment, which is where energy efficiency programs like the EUC MF program come into play.

Program Impact
Energy efficiency upgrades through the EUC MF program to date have saved 3,578,367 kWh of electricity and 77,047 Therms of natural gas annually. In other words, the reduced emissions due to energy efficiency upgrades roughly equate to taking 617 passenger vehicles off of the road each year! Retrofitting these existing buildings helps the property owner’s bottom line, residents live more comfortably and contributes to achieving California’s climate goals.



With more demand than ever, it is time to let us know if you are interested in participating in next year’s program. If you are planning upgrades to your multifamily property call us now! We will be contacting those on our interest list to share the details of the upcoming program.

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