EUC MF Report Card: Top 5 Most Common Measures


While many different measures qualify for EUC MF incentives, windows have been at the top of the list. Our reporting shows they were included in every project completed in 2015 and 2016. Every property is a unique puzzle, with a variety of possible options to improve energy efficiency. The program’s assessment and technical assistance help to identify the best upgrades to fit specific to the project needs and budget.

16 of 21 properties  |  76%

Many older properties come to the program with single-pane, aluminum frame windows which are extremely inefficient, allowing in excessive heat and drafts. At Grand Villa Apartments in Escondido, residents often complained about excessive noise and drafts from their single-pane, metal-framed windows. After a property upgrade, Debbie Splinter, regional manager for R.A. Snyder reports, “We knew things like new AC units and appliances would result in utility savings for our residents, but we were truly amazed by the huge difference the new vinyl, low-e windows immediately made in the comfort level.” On top of aesthetics and reducing noise in apartments, these windows help lower utility bills by keeping units at a more comfortable temperature.

Kitchen Appliances
13 of 21 properties  |  62%

Outdated appliances represent a significant energy loss that often directly affects resident utility bills. When updating the Los Robles Apartments in Vista with new ENERGY STAR® appliances, Sylvia Martinez, Senior Project Manager for Community HousingWorks, credits the Multifamily Program with a “win-win” for quality and utility savings. Residents enjoy the updated refrigerators and dishwashers and are grateful for the savings on their monthly energy bill.

Domestic Hot Water
12 of 21 properties  |  57%

Multifamily buildings commonly have a recirculation pump that constantly circulates heated water through a piping loop. This type of system ensures continuous delivery of hot water but wastes vast amounts of energy. Installing a demand control system allows sensors to instantly transmit to the controller when a user opens a hot water tap. By activating the pump only when there is user demand, the controller can save 15 – 30% of the natural gas used by the water heater and 95 – 99% of the pump electricity.

11 of 21 properties  |  52%

Replacing an HVAC system is a major investment, which is why these systems are typically replaced on burnout. Through the EUC MF program property owners are encouraged to replace this equipment early, which can result in significant energy savings and lower maintenance costs. Tasked with the rehab of Congregational Tower, originally built in the mid-1970s, project manager Andres Diaz indicates their new air conditioning and heating system has exceeded their expectation of simply lowering energy usage with reduced maintenance costs as well.  He goes on to state the incentives provided by EUC MF allowed him to install energy upgrades that may not have been implemented otherwise.

8 of 21 properties  |  38%

In recent years lighting technology has advanced dramatically. Compact fluorescent lamps and LEDs have a significantly longer life and use less electricity than incandescent lamps. Lighting upgrades are one of the most common measures in the program due to the significant effect on energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. As part of a federal phase-out, the United States stopped manufacturing or importing incandescent bulbs in 2014 to encourage the switch to more energy-efficient bulbs. The EUC MF program helps drive the adoption of high efficacy lighting through incentivizing these retrofits.



With more demand than ever, it is time to let us know if you are interested in participating in next year’s program. If you are planning upgrades to your multifamily property call us now! We will be contacting those on our interest list to share the details of the upcoming program.

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