EUC MF Report Card: Overview

The Energy Upgrade California Multifamily (EUC MF) program is part of statewide initiative to help California property owners and managers take action to save energy and conserve natural resources, help reduce demand on the electricity grid, and make informed energy management decisions. An alliance of the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Energy Commission, utilities, regional energy networks, local governments, businesses, and nonprofits support this initiative to help communities meet state and local energy and climate action goals. Funding comes from investor-owned utility customers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.


TRC Energy Services implements the EUC MF program on behalf of San Diego Gas and Electric. The program provides a free, public service to guide multifamily property owners through the process of qualifying their property, identifying the appropriate energy upgrades and securing incentives. Since 2012, TRC has served 21 properties representing 3,442 total units through the EUC MF program. These properties have received over $2.2 million dollars in incentives averaging at nearly $650 per unit. Learn more about the program progress to date by clicking through the Report Card!



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In 2018, we will further streamline the program to make it even easier to make energy efficiency upgrades. With more demand than ever, it is time to let us know if you are interested in participating in next year’s program. If you are planning upgrades to your multifamily property call us now! We will be contacting those on our interest list to share the details of the upcoming program.

To add your property to the 2018 interest list or for more information please call: 1-866-352-7457 or email: